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Real-Time Applications

Information Self-directed activity in virtual real-time
environments facilitates trying, watching,
and imitating in safe conditions.
E_01_Szene_klein Learn, Explore, Present
Navigation in real-time scenarios allows
immersive orientations in all directions.
Inside virtual technical devices, plants and
rooms, specific user-related options are
offered as appropriate for the respective
situation: The user decides what he wants
to view, where and when, just as required
during the customer call.
E_02_Szene_klein Example:
Interactive real-time welding trainer

... The interactive welding trainer lets you open a virtual scenario via a menu item. You use the mouse to roll a gas cylinder onto the welding cart, to move the restraining chains over the cylinder, and to tighten the chains. You also use the mouse to unscrew the caps from the cylinders. If you are not sure about the next steps in the process, you can always start the corresponding film clip at a click of your mouse, and the narrator will tell you what comes next ...

... You can also watch the entire training course as an audiovisual film. Last but not least, in order to assess your knowledge, you take a quiz that leaves no questions unanswered …
015awaha Example: Virtual site inspection with freedom of decision ...
... The plant extends over many square meters and two storeys. Piping connects the liquid contents in the tanks, which are being chemically treated. At a click of your mouse, the encasement of the tank becomes transparent and you can view the dynamic process inside of it. Simultaneously, the plant operator explains via the PC speakers that the catalytic process leaves behind a non-toxic sewage sludge, and you can watch how this sludge is removed in waste disposal containers.At the same time, you use the scroll wheel of your mouse to call the control station in order to assess the parameter values of the current batch ... Your customer appreciates the possibility to view the plant from all sides before he buys it ...


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